Coming into our third collection with Naruto we wanted to do something different, but familiar at the same time. In honor of Naruto's 20th anniversary, we have created a collection of custom cut and sew items that feature artwork from all three series on a single garment; this is truly unique. A lot of thought went into the design of every garment and showcase some of the most iconic characters and moments from the series as well as their personal journey from Genin to Hokage.

What does that mean though? Specifically, the Naruto 20 Year Anniversary allows us to combine characters from Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, and Boruto all into a single collection. Something that was not possible until Naruto’s 20 Year Anniversary. 

Let's take a look at some of the highlight pieces from the collection and what inspired their creative direction. 


Naruto Twill Jacket 

Out of all the pieces in our collection, this Naruto-themed twill jacket was one of the most exciting and challenging to create. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and took an experimental approach to the design. The jacket is crafted entirely from 100% cotton and features a striking artwork of giant Kurama on the back, surrounded by raw edge patches. The overall effect is a blend of a worn-out and pieced-together appearance, resulting in a unique and eye-catching piece of apparel.



Kakashi Vest

Designing this piece was quite a challenge. Our goal was to strike a balance between authenticity to the show and wearability as a fashion item rather than purely for cosplay purposes. While the garment isn't an exact replica of what the characters wear, the nylon vest incorporates elements of modern tech wear design while also paying homage to the series.


Sasuke Half Zip

The Sasuke half zip, pays homage to our legacy as Team Liquid by drawing inspiration from a white softshell jacket that's over a decade old. While staying true to the original silhouette, we opted for a more breathable and lightweight material. We've also incorporated nods to Sasuke in the form of a curse on the back left shoulder and a prominent "うちは サスケ" running down the right arm, adding a bold look to the simple silhouette. 

Sakura Skirt

We paid meticulous attention to detail when creating Our Sakura. Our goal was to design something that was distinctly Sakura-inspired, while avoiding the cliché of simply slapping our esports organization's branding on a pink skirt. It took us several months of development and fine-tuning to strike the right balance, and create a piece that was both subtle and wearable. The skirt features a pleated design made of 85% polyester and 15% elastane, with a short sewn into it.

Sasuke & Sakura Knit Sweaters

We had to develop these two in tandem with one another. The Sasuke and Sakura knit sweaters were designed for you and your duo. Although they share a similar style, they have unique details that set them apart.

The Sasuke sweater features a drop needle knit, with distressed detailing around the neck and wrist, lending a subtle touch of battle-worn aesthetic to the piece. Meanwhile, the Sakura sweater has slightly dropped shoulders, creating a loose and comfortable fit.


Leaf Village Joggers

Out of all the items in the original collection, the Leaf Village jogger is the only piece to return from a previous collection. We replaced the ripstop material with a cotton and spandex blend that features a water-repellent finish. To be honest, these are the best pants we have ever developed. This is a must have item! 

Sasuke Keycap Set

When designing this keycap set, we wanted to make sure that we created a version that would appeal to both Naruto and Team Liquid fans without overwhelming either group with branding.

Our solution was to create a versatile set that allowed for keys to be swapped out, so you could showcase your love for Team Liquid, Naruto, or both simultaneously.


Blue Artisan Keycap

Words cannot describe how big of a deal it is to us to integrate Blue into a collaboration. We've been anticipating this moment for a while now. Ever since we started collaborating, we've been dreaming of giving Blue the spotlight that they deserve. And finally, that dream has become a reality!

Ramen Artisan Keycap

At first, it seemed like a crazy idea that could either turn out amazing or terrible. We wanted to incorporate an incredible amount of detail into a single keycap, but it felt almost impossible. However, our partners at Clackeys made our vision a reality. The ramen bowl keycap is a perfect replica of what you would see in an episode of Naruto, with one slight modification - the chashu has the Team Liquid crest on it!

But honestly this was not enough… so we made a giant one! There are very few units of these collectors items. Trust me when I say every paint stroke is worth it. The keycap can keep you company on your desk or maybe you are one of the experimental keyboard fans that has a giant switch waiting for the perfect keycap! 

There are many other items in the collection featuring years of history from both Naruto and Team Liquid. Whether it be the shirts featuring characters from all 3 series, or the hoodies taking our DNA from our LQD collection. We think this is the most impressive collection to date. Make sure to pick up your favorite pieces on today!